Monday 23 Apr 2018
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D.D.B. Healthcare is a Pennsylvania-based Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), and Speech Therapy (ST) agency that is family-owned and operated.  Our family consists of therapists who employ fellow therapists throughout the Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and West Virginia areas.  Our therapists serve clients in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, outpatient rehabilitation clinics, and through home visits.

Mission Of D.D.B. Healthcare

Since 1996 our company has been committed to providing the highest quality rehabilitation services by utilizing a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary team approach.  We intend to maintain the consistency of these services by a framework that is both reasonable and cost-effective.  In and ever changing health care environment, continuing education, program development, and the recruitment of experienced professionals keep us at the forefront of rehabilitation services.  Our primary goal is to provide each patient with the opportunity to reach his or her maximum potential and functional independence.

Philosophy Of D.D.B. Healthcare

Our clients come first by always receiving top priority and consideration in the operations and procedures of the company.

We are a service-oriented business with a commitment to providing quality professional services for our clients and contractual agencies.  Our employees and consultants exemplify this philosophy.  Each service is provided by licensed personnel who abide by their profession's code of ethics.

We utilize the company's human resources in order to enhance, improve and expand the delivery of service.  Potential areas of growth are always evaluated with attention to client/agency needs while maintaining the quality of service.




DDB Healthcare's exercise programs specialize in injury rehabilitation. Our deep-water training method allows for the earliest possible return to activity.

Women's special health care concerns are a priority at DDB Healthcare P.C.
We treat the whole woman across the age and activity spectrum.